OpenSight: the powerful, easy-to-use vision suite

OpenSight is an FRC-focused, free and open source computer vision system targeted specifically for the Raspberry Pi. Our goal is to make it easy for people not familiar with vision to be able to make complex pipelines, while also providing powerful functionality for advanced users.

Click here for information on how to install OpenSight!

OpenSight Nodetree


Our mission is to create an accessible vision suite, with an easy-to-use and works out-of-the box experience, but also allow for more power and greater customizability. We want to make vision more accessible to those with less experience, while also providing the tools for power users and developers to easily add features beyond the default modules.

Have any questions, comments, or want to contribute?

You can learn more about contributing here! TL;DR: Join the OpenSight Discord server and we'll get you set up!